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Congratulations on your new NF - it looks great on you! louis vuitton luggage

I don't know the best way to wear the LV shawls - with or without creases. Seems to me that Hermes scarf wearers love the creases, the same way that they preserve the rolled hem. Or at least that's how it appears to me. So I tend to leave the creases in my scarves. Don't know if one is better than the other - but I think you should go with your preference! louis vuitton outlet


I ended up buying a replacement Pomme 4 key holder! I did it again!http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/...1367E-orig.jpg LV

 Yes, I change my wallets every 2 or 3 months where as I change my purse EVERDAY. But, it is all about perspective, isn't it? If you like wallets and collect them, then you will change them often. Buy what you really want. lv bags i shipped away my old agenda and bought a new one in vernis (amarante). i absolutely love the look, as i also have the same style/color for a wallet. my wonderful SA helped with a quick hot stamp service and gave me a free 2011 agenda! finally, something for free from lv! lol  

Wow. So the vintage handles were made of a "patina-colored" leather? Why did the change it? (Or is that just a really even patina on vachetta?) louis vuitton bag


I'd love to have one of the see through ones but I am sure it is priced to high (for me) to want to pay for vinyal bags.


These are my top bags my favs out of my collection louis vuitton wallet


vuitton neverfull Did a patina develop while it was in the box? Hope you can start using your Palermo soon! I'm sure your DH would be glad to see one of his gifts being utilised


wow what a great find. she looks immaculate... louis vuitton handbags