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Kids Bible Trivia









Kids Bible Trivia!

Put your Bible knowledge to the test! If you love a good challenge then you will definitely enjoy this website. Be sure to check out the Adult Bible trivia also. We will be selecting individual Bible Trivia submissions each month for addition to our website. If you're interested please fill out the form or simply email us KidsBibleTrivia@whatagod.com!

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  1. By what age did Abraham Lincoln read the entire Bible for the third time?

  2. What is the shortest prayer in the Bible? (Matthew 14:30)

  3. Who created the earth?

  4. Does the name Joshua and Jesus mean the same thing?

  5. What book in the bible indicates that children have personal angels? 


Bible Trivia Answers

  1. 10

  2. "Lord, save me!"

  3. God

  4. Yes

  5. Matthew 18:10

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